This Mysterious Marijuana Ingredient Is What Makes Your Weed Smell and Taste Great

A jar of chef Holden Jagger's terpene honey, which he makes himself by filling a jar with raw cannabis plant, pouring honey over it, screwing the lid on and leaving it in a cold, dark place for up to six months.EXPAND

Like many emerging cannabis companies, Los Angeles Refinery was founded largely out of personal necessity. Although owner Ryan C. (who requested we don’t use his last name as L.A.’s legal market is still in a gray area) had started a small-scale grow operation with his wife, he soon realized the growing popularity of cannabis oils and extracts. Upon puffing on a vape pen himself, he realized many of these concentrate-filled cartridges had a harsh, artificial taste to them.

“Why did I buy an OG Kush that tasted like Pine Sol?” he says.

What he soon realized

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