Film Review: The Legend of 420

There have been documentaries on just about every single subject imaginable, so why not one about marijuana? Why is cannabis a forbidden topic no one seems to want to talk about? More importantly, why isn’t Seth Rogen a producer on director Peter Spirer’s pot doc The Legend of 420?

Not that the movie is a comedy, nor is it just about “smokin’ and tokin’,” but it’s mostly a serious movie about the uses and need for medical cannabis to be legalized nationwide rather than on a state-per-state basis. It offers a number of serious arguments why cannabis should be decriminalized from a variety of subjects including growers, transporters and artists. Even Melissa Etheridge talks briefly about how cannabis helped her get through cancer treatment.

The doc is informative, showing different uses for cannabis in medicine and cooking, and it isn’t just a bunch of stoners philosophizing about their navels. We learn that

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