Hitman Coffee, Los Angeles’ First Cannabis Coffeeshop, Defines a New Era of Legal Weed

All photos courtesy of Hitman Coffee

Doug Dracup, the dabbing dynamo behind Hitman Glass and the respected cannabis competition Chalice Cup, has redefined the scope of legal weed in Los Angeles with Hitman Coffee, LA’s first Amsterdam-style “coffeeshop.”

While the stark, lofted space functions legally as a private art gallery, Hitman hosts a slew of events, from art shows, comedy nights, and medicated brunches, to dance parties, stoned yoga, and industry panel conversations. To enter, one must purchase a membership ($20 a day, $400 a month), and while it’s more than kosher to get high, you can only do so through your own supply. There are no sales at Hitman Coffee — the operation is fully BYOB (bring your own bud).

“I started thinking, well, what is a coffee shop really?” said Dracup, exhaling a blunt we passed around one of the

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