Get Elevated With 5 ‘Mocktails’ Featuring Cannabis-Infused Sodas

Mixed drinks are both creative and delicious, and they can also be the latest addition to a cannabis enthusiast’s elevated repertoire. Infused sparkling sodas and waters are filling the market, making them the go-to element for swapping out alcohol with a refreshing dose of cannabis. The result? Canna-cocktails that will delight your senses as well as your taste buds.

Below, we crafted five cannabis infused “cocktails”—including a delectable sangria and blood orange basil spritzer—that you can mix for yourself or impress your guests.

Note: The following recipes can and should be modified to suit personal dosing needs. If you need to add less cannabis infused drink than what the recipe calls for, substitute with a similar flavored seltzer or plain seltzer water.

Blood Orange and Basil Mocktail Recipe