Proposed cannabis manufacturer in Del Rey Oaks would give the city a big fiscal boost.

From the outside, it’s doesn’t look like anything to get excited about: A drab industrial building on Calle Del Oaks, a Del Rey Oaks street lined with similarly drab industrial buildings.

But on the inside, a business is readying to set up an operation that will have a transformative effect on the city’s bottom line.

On Aug. 21, the Del Rey Oaks Planning Commission unanimously approved a permit for Integral Innovations, LLC, a cannabis manufacturing business projected to gross about $10 million in revenue in its first year.

If those numbers are met, Del Rey Oaks would garner about $500,000 in annual tax revenue from the operation – a big boost for a city with a budget of just over $3 million.

Del Rey Oaks City Manager Dino Pick sees the business as continuing the city’s leadership in the local cannabis industry, while also ensuring the city “retains its safe and welcoming character.” The

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