Would You Drink A Cannabis Cocktail?

In the Bay Area, you can consume marijuana in just about any form: high-end vape pen! Gummy bears! Cold brew! Now, a few enterprising chefs want to popularize the drug in a new form: cocktails.

The combination of marijuana and alcohol is a common enough occurrence, but you’re not likely to find many people who would recommend it. In small amounts, they’re both relatively safe. But when the two drugs are combined, they can exacerbate the effects of each other, making you drunker or more high than you want to be–a danger that anybody who’s gotten “crossfaded” after two many keg stands and bong rips at a college rager can attest to.

But with the popularity of medical marijuana and the ability to know exactly the strain and strength of the weed you’re buying, there’s now room to take a more controlled approach. Bartenders can easily find out what a

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