Jamaican cooking with Cedella Marley: Red Stripe-battered Fish ‘n Festival

Editor’s note: In Cedella Marley’s new book “Cooking with Herb,” she shares cannabis-enhanced recipes brimming with Jamaican flavors. She also offers a peek into the family life of her well-known parents, Bob and Rita Marley, and the foundation for healthy eating they established with their children. Get a taste of what’s in store in this excerpt and traditional Jamaican recipes shared with The Cannabist:

Even the name of this recipe, unique to Jamaica, sounds like a party: Red Stripe battered fish ’n festival? Bring it on!

This is a fun and different kind of meal to share with your guests — the fish is crispy and juicy, just like the best fish and chips, and the festival are like a sweeter, Jamaican take on hush puppies.

Hellshire Beach, just outside of Kingston, is famous for having some of the best fried fish

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