Charleston-based Smokus Focus carves niche in booming cannabis business

Few think of South Carolina when it comes to the legal marijuana industry, but two young entrepreneurs in Charleston eyed an opportunity and pursued it.

About a year ago, Daniel Russell-Einhorn and Sam Whetsel started Smokus Focus, airtight jars of various sizes that include a magnifying lid with rechargeable LED lights.

Since then, they and a staff of five locally based salesmen have sold 15,000 units in the United States and other countries as far away as Argentina and France. The jars, so far, come in three sizes: the pocket sized stash jar ($50), the 5-inch-tall Middleman ($60) and larger display jar, Escojar ($130), geared for shops.

Smokus Focus already has been featured in “Dope,” “Marjuana Venture,” and Viceland’s “Bong Appetit,” a cooking show featuring cannabis and which uses their containers. The jars also have been hits at national cannabis conferences, such as the recent CannaCon in Boston.

Whetsel , the former owner of

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