Gala Feast Promotes ‘Cannabis Cuisine’ For The Curious « CBS …

SONOMA COUNTY (CBS SF) — Over the weekend, an unusual first-of-its-kind gala took place in Sonoma County where a remarkable gourmet meal was served at a secret location with a secret ingredient.

More than 150 guests mixed and mingled in a redwood grove as they listened and grooved to live music performed by the psychedelic-roots rock band Moonalice.


In their hands, the cocktails were cold, but inside the kitchen at the spacious location, the action was hot with pot.

“We’re really on the cutting edge of something new this is the end of prohibition,” exclaimed Chef Jeff.

He’s known as “JeffThe420Chef,” a Ganja Gourmet who has been described as “The Julia Child of Weed.”

On this night, he cooked a huge feast with

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