​​How I Made A Tiny Yet Potent Sleep Cake That Could Knock Out An Elephant

Now don’t get me wrong: from weed cookies to mints to gag-inducing oils and tinctures, I’ve certainly consumed my fair share of edibles before. I’ve even made my own brownies and chocolates for everything from wild parties to deep relaxation. But until this point, standing in my own kitchen, I’d never actually blended together my own special brew that contained the most relaxing drugs, herbs and mushrooms known to humankind, or at least, known to a ex-bodybuilding nutritionist hack like me.

My goal? Create a tiny yet potent sleep cake that could knock out an elephant. Or, in this case, me, after a hard day of work. And admittedly, my relentless self-experimenting mind was curious to see what would happen when opioid-like painkillers, medicinal mushrooms, cannabis and essential oils get whisked together for four solid hours in a commercial immersion blender on my kitchen counter, then wind up getting pumped

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