Why Don’t Many Dispensaries Sell Pre-Ground Cannabis?

As you painstakingly turn your grinder against the resistance of sticky resin, you may have at one point thought to yourself, “why doesn’t my dispensary sell cannabis that’s already ground?” If you pack a lot of joints or vaporize your flower, it would certainly be convenient. After all, most grocery stores offer both whole bean and ground coffee–so why is it so much harder to find these options in cannabis?

The reason is twofold: freshness and potency.

Cannabis Freshness

When you grind cannabis, you’ll notice that the bud’s aroma bursts out, filling your nose with all the nuanced fragrance the strain has to offer. What you’re smelling are terpenes, or aromatic oils that give cannabis its spectrum of smells from Sour Diesel’s fuel to Granddaddy Purple’s berry. Terpenes are highly volatile and evaporate readily, and grinding your cannabis expedites their release.

This is also true

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