Cannabutter is one of the oldest infusion techniques known to stoners worldwide. From the infamous “weed brownie” to today’s fine confectionary treats, cannabutter acts as the primary ingredient in most edible recipes.

Unfortunately, most cannabutters taste like ass. Whether your buddy didn’t know the difference from schwag and quality flower, or someone realized too late they didn’t strain the butter, leaving you to pick nugs from your teeth, most of us have had as many bad experiences with homemade edibles as we have good. Here are a few pointers to put you on the right path to a POSITIVELY memorable evening:

Choose the flavor and potency you’d like. If you enjoy the traditional “weedy” flavor, you can always use flower or nugs, but with the availability of concentrates, your final product can taste almost weedless, but with more exact (or potent) dosing. Plus, there’s no straining out the

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