Cannabis investing attracting much interest

Sherri Haskell, founder of the “angel investment consortium” CannaAngels, said when the Marin County-based group was created a year and half ago, the concern was “deal flow and quality.”

It turned out not to be a problem.

“We’re attracting quality business opportunities,” Haskell said. “We’re getting referrals from investment-banking firms, hedge funds, sophisticated investors. We have events. Through our curation, diligence process, we show four presenters at each event,” with various technologies, such as for growing or energy management. “We put together a post-funding mentoring facility. We are early-stage investors. An edibles company skyrocketed. They’re closing their funding. They needed help with financial projections. We look at the strength of the team.”

For Emily Paxhia, who founded Poseidon Asset Management with her brother, Morgan, in 2014, the results were similar.

“One of the things I found so amazing about cannabis is

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