Nevada: From ‘Life for Sales’ to ‘Legitimate, Legal Pot Massage’

A previous generation of Nevada lawmakers enshrined draconian penalties for cannabis possession and sale, infamously printing the sentencing minimums on a road sign with the admonition “don’t gamble with marijuana.” Today’s Silver State legislature is encouraging people to literally gamble — with marijuana. What made Sin City go from handing out life sentences to protecting “legitimate, legal pot massage?” Votes.

A generation ago, Nevada’s harsh laws jailed people for pot, sometimes for life.

These days, progressive pot laws working through the Nevada state Legislature would, among other things, guarantee adults the right to smoke pot inside massage parlors while receiving pot massages from licensed workers who’d be protected by law for performing such services.

You’d have to bring your own pot-laced lotions and oils but the legislation allowing massage therapists to use cannabis and hemp products on clients for topical purposes was heard by

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