How to Make DIY Cannabis-Infused Lube

Putting weed oil on your lady parts is a hot topic in the growing cannabis market. Companies like Whoopi Maya and Foria are providing cutting-edge products in states like California and Colorado. But what about those that have the urge to give it a whirl but don’t have access to a dispensary? DIY!

Many cannabis companies that produce sexually-focused topicals use CO2-extracted cannabis oil mixed with a carrier oil base like coconut oil. While that works well for companies who produce on a large scale and can afford six-figure extraction equipment, the average consumer cannot replicate it at home. For the hobbyist, and especially those living in prohibition states or states with limited access, we need a method that is both simple and pragmatic!

The idea of DIY cannabis topicals might seem like an undertaking too complicated to attempt. Honestly, I felt the

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