BAS Research Center looks to further cannabis research

The BAS Research Center, located in Berkeley, is making strides in researching safe and healthy methods for cannabis extraction and manufacturing, according Bao Le, CEO and co-founder of BAS.

Le got into the cannabis business in order to ensure there would be safe product easily accessible on the market. His youngest son suffered from night terrors and seizures, and as a result, Le began to research options to help his son sleep through the night. He began giving his son a small amount of edible marijuana on a cracker before bed, and his son was finally able to sleep.

The oils from products like the edibles used by Le’s son often come from the “gray market,” which Le described as manufacturers operating without licenses who don’t have to put products through the rigorous tests that they perform at the BAS Research Center.

“I started to ask myself, ‘Is this the right thing

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