The Clever Root Brings Cannabis Cuisine to Arizona Cocktail Week

Spot the pot? Most people wouldn't. The Clever Root's editorial staff tries to celebrate cannabis as a versatile ingredient for any kitchen.

Suppose you find a copy of The Clever Root on a coffee table. You’ve never heard of this magazine. You flip through the pages, you scan some headlines, and you admire the colorful photos. But something is off about it. What it is?

Then you realize: This is a magazine about cooking with marijuana.

“The cannabis industry is ready to grow up,” says Rachel Burkons, associate publisher of The Clever Root, published in Encino, California. “I think we’re elevating the conversation.”

Burkons is coming to Phoenix next month for Cocktail Week, but she won’t just here to talk about mixology. She’ll be moderating a seminar called “Beyond the Smoke: Understanding Cannabis in Food Beverage,” on Saturday, February 18. The presentation will feature Holden Jagger, an acclaimed

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