Lots of work to do before Maine marijuana smokers can light up

Voters may have spoken on marijuana legalization, but the forecast for when Mainers could legally enjoy the drug remains hazy, at best.

Carrying out the will of the voters – albeit a slim majority of them – on legalization will be one of the most arduous tasks facing lawmakers returning in January for a legislative session overflowing with major issues.

Absent a legal curveball from Gov. Paul LePage, a foe of legalization, Mainers 21 and over might be able to possess and grow their own pot by late January or early February even if retail sales are perhaps a year away. But those hoping to enjoy a puff of their personal stash while policymakers figure out the complicated retail details could be disappointed.

There is also a strong sentiment among some power brokers in Augusta – including Senate President Mike Thibodeau and Attorney General Janet Mills – that legalization should be postponed while

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