Pot Matters: The Shocking Truth About Edible Cannabis Candy

One of the new scare campaigns used by opponents of marijuana’s legalization is focused on edible cannabis products in general and edible cannabis candy in particular.

While there are some legitimate concerns about edible cannabis products—over dosages and product labeling—these are easily addressed by regulations such as those adopted in Colorado.

However, legalization opponents are quite concerned over edible cannabis candies, and they want to convince the public these are designed to entice children.  For example, in an article about the now-notorious “Kevin” ad, Boston Magazine reports this claim by Nick Bayer, campaign manager for Safe and Healthy Massachusetts: “Passing Question 4 means we will see the advertising and sale of highly potent marijuana candies, an increase in drugged driving on our roads, and marijuana shops popping up in our neighborhoods.”

But the shocking truth about “highly potent marijuana candies” is that these types of products are conventional products

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