For pro-pot group, grass would be greener on other side of the law

Would the grass really be greener if Massachusetts legalizes recreational marijuana?

Advocates of Question 4 in the Nov. 8 election think so.

YES on 4, the official Boston-based pro-legalization campaign, argues legalizing and regulating marijuana in a fashion similar to how alcohol is regulated would reduce drug crime by undercutting the current black markets, offer a safer product for consumers, create jobs, and raise substantial tax revenues for the state.

Right now, said Jim Borghesani, the group’s communications director, Massachusetts residents who want to buy marijuana for personal use — about 885,000 people in 2015, according to a Senate report from that year — are forced to put themselves in potentially risky situations involving criminal drug dealers.

Those dealers, he said, also peddle more dangerous substances like painkillers and heroin, the drugs at the heart of an ongoing regional addiction crisis. Recently, he said, police discovered a batch of marijuana being sold in

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