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New Orleans is the nation’s best example of revelry done right, and it’s been done by millions of people who were hammered on six Hurricanes and three Hand Grenades at a time. But, in my opinion, far too few people have done New Orleans while tingling on a summery sativa or floating on an indica-induced cloud. On a New Orleans marijuana-influenced excursion, the jazz sounds better than ever before. You’re hungry enough to house all the jambalaya, gumbo, po-boys, and beignets that cross your path. The perma-smile on your face fits right in with the ones all the locals wear, and your frame of mind is as laid-back and uplifted as the city that surrounds you.

It makes little sense that cannabis has yet to be legalized in the Big Easy. That said, liberal-leaning New Orleans is leading Louisiana toward increased medical access, decriminalization, and overall acceptance of

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