Making Marijuana Edibles Is Way Easier Than You’d Think. Here’s a Beginner’s Guide.

If the only experience you have with edibles is ingesting an entire pot brownie (first mistake) at age 16 and truly, truly believing you were going to die, you’re not alone. Ahem. 

But as you’ve gotten older, you’ve probably gotten wiser: You’ve either stayed away from pot-infused foods for good, or you’ve learned about portion control. If you’re in the former camp, yet still a little turned on by the idea of dipping your toes back in the weedy waters, this little fact may be of interest: Cooking your own edibles is incredibly easy. 

“It’s fascinating to me because people think it’s really complicated and scary and hard,” Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook author Robyn Griggs Lawrencesaid in an interview. “But it’s really easy; you combine a fat and your ground cannabis and there you have it.”

Edibles chefs may have special procedures they swear by — Lawrence said

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