Honey-glazed salmon is my go-to for a quick and easy dinner. But this time, I’m using my sous vide kief-infused honey. If you have your medicated honey ready, the dish only requires you to dump all your ingredients in a bag and toss it into the water bath. Then you can light one up and […]

They pride themselves on being homemade. Eventually, the Neades want to grow cannabis commercially, but for now they’re focusing on perfecting their edible recipes. And with six personal-use marijuana plants in their garage’s makeshift grow room, they have plenty of opportunity for practice. This video explains how Neade is turning her love of marijuana and baking into a business. … read more […]

In July, retired NFL running back Ricky Williams is going to Colorado to hit the green for the Ricky Williams Laurel Rosebud Invitational. Once he’s done with a little bit of recreation, the former NFL running back will put his golf clubs down and speak about the benefits of cannabis. Mixing sports with cannabis use isn’t […]

SAN FRANCISCO  — The marijuana business has come a long way from baggies sold out of shifty looking vans. As more states make marijuana legal for medical and recreational purposes, the industry is becoming legitimate. That means increasing regulation and tracking from local and state governments. Microsoft is one of the first major technology companies […]

Say carne guisada-aaahhhh!! This yummy cannabis-infused pork recipe is adapted from Illyanna Maisonet’s carne guisada from Eat Gorda Eat. Illyanna recently published Gorda Eats: A Puerto Rican Cookbook and hosts pop-ups in the Bay Area. Be sure to check her out if you enjoy this recipe. For patients who medicate with medical cannabis through food, […]

Step 1: Build software for pot labs. Step 2: Find out who has the strongest herb. Step 3: Create a marijuana marketplace connecting dispensaries with the best growers. That’s the plan that scored $3 million in seed funding led by Slow Ventures for Confident Cannabis. Right now it’s on Step 2, having established the largest […]

What’s the secret to a positive edibles experience? If you ask JeffThe420Chef he says it’s all in the dosing.  Gone are the days of overdosing on cannabis edibles thanks to the first ever THC/CBD Calculator.   MERRY JANE chats with Jeff, who has teamed up with MedSpoon and CW Analytical to create a calculator with a simple interface, allowing aspiring […]

Hemp is slowly creeping its way back into the state, and it’s no longer just found in skillfully hidden, illegal gardens. With its high protein content and essential fatty acids, this super food is also making its way onto the plates and into the stomachs of Kentuckians. Thanks to local groups such as Kentucky Hempsters and Kentucky Hemp Works, this plant, […]

It was the perfect afternoon for day drinking: Not too warm, a pleasant breeze, the weekend within easy reach. On a sun-dappled Los Angeles patio around 3:00 p.m., I found myself pleasantly buzzed from both alcohol and cannabis. But I didn’t even have to resort to chugging a beverage while surreptitiously toking under the table—it […]

Buy Photo From the book Cannabis Cocktails, a photo by Glenn Scott of the Mezzrole Cocktail from Mixologist, chef, and writer known as the Cocktail Whisperer, Warren Bobrow. June 6, 2016, Morristown, NJ(Photo: Bob Karp/Staff Photographer)Buy Photo MORRISTOWN – A Morris County author just released his fourth cocktail book, but this time he’s substituted the […]

Add raspberries to your diet By Drs. Mehmet Oz and Mike Roizen June 11, 2016 … read more at: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/health/article/Add-raspberries-to-your-diet-8047136.php