BOSTON — If recreational marijuana becomes legal in Massachusetts, it won’t be just for smoking. Edible marijuana products — a broad category that could include such treats as cookies and candy — would also be permitted under the ballot question nearly certain to go before voters in November. As the legalization debate heats up, the […]

Top photo: Surterra Therapeutics Cultivation Manager Wes Conner looks over marijuana plants in their final stages of growth before being harvested at its facility.Above: Conner displays the fully grown flower of one of the marijuana plants.(Photo: Joe Rondone/Democrat) TALLAHASSEE — Florida’s first legal harvest of marijuana is stored in multiple vacuum-packed, 441-gram bags in a […]

The Mad Hatter is angry and sad. No longer will Sheila Scott cook and sell her medical-marijuana cookies, bars and other high-dose treats, reported The News Tribune ( The proposed rule that became law July 1 allows certain high-dose delivery systems (suppositories, tinctures, etc.), but honors existing state rules that prohibit the sale of cannabis-infused […]

THE STATE’S TOP elected officials from both sides of the aisle made a powerful political appeal to oppose the ballot question that would legalize the adult use and commercial sale of marijuana: Vote no for the kids. At the William J. Ostiguy Recovery High School in downtown Boston, a facility aimed at students with addiction […]

But what might an actual marijuana restaurant look like at this hypothetical stage, when the only frame of reference we have is incognito dinners?  “The logical first step might be a marijuana cafe-style set-up, connected to a dispensary,” says Michael Bologna, cannabis advocate and founder of Green Lion consulting, a Colorado firm dedicated to serving cannabis-centric […]

Depending on your home state, chances are there’s medical marijuana available in one form or another. As little as eight states have no medical marijuana provisions in place in 2016. America has warmed up to the idea of treating intractable epilepsy with high-CBD oil in nearly every state- only a few more need to catch […]

Contrary to stoner stereotypes, cannabis users are very interested in grown-up things like obtaining quality medical coverage, pursuing life insurance protections after they start families, or seeking “key man” coverage for their businesses. That’s not always easy — or even possible, as evidenced by the recent experience of TerraTech CEO Derek Peterson. Peterson had applied […]

5. Hemp food products come in the form of seeds, protein powders and milk. They come from the Cannabis sativa plant (17). Yes, it’s the same plant that marijuana is from, but not the THC part of the plant. So no worries about getting high on these products! My favorite hemp product is Living Harvest […]