More than a season, summer in Sacramento seems downright timeless. There’s just something about those warm evenings when the Delta breeze carries a familiar scent that leaves you guessing whether it came from a block away or out of some childhood memory. It’s magic without the illusion, though, because summer always keeps its promises of […]

Initially, making marijuana a comfortable conversation topic for families can be touchy and tough. Despite the assumed negative connotations of weed dissipating over the past few years, it can still be a taboo topic depending on your family’s understanding of pot. Shedding light on the truths behind the effects of marijuana, especially as your parents […]

The cannabis industry is full of healers, individuals who set out to solve significant medical problems and found marijuana to be the natural solution. One cannabis entrepreneur based in Toronto aptly named Charlene Freedom, is a pioneer in the oil and cream sector, and she plans on expanding her business as the marijuana community grows over […]

The evolution of a pasttime As marijuana has moved out of the secrecy of your mom’s basement, and into legal dispensaries, it follows that some companies in the industry have chosen the bourgeois set as their niche in the growing cannabis market. Increasingly, the stereotype of the rope-sandaled, long-haired, smelly hippie pothead has faded into […]

Our local massage therapist recently switched to using coconut oil for her massages instead of that regular ol’ greasy oil they normally use. She says it’s not as messy, it lasts longer and just likes working with it better. We got to talking about the benefits of coconut and I said to her, “you know, […]

Tweet AT A RECENT cannabis event I went to, the crowd was made up of cannabis professionals: dispensary owners and staff, growers, edible makers, processors, and wholesalers. Among the speakers was the head of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s (OLCC) cannabis program. During the QA, a grower brought up how that very week, his bank […]