The percent of women in executive positions in the marijuana industry has dramatically fallen in the last two years. The Marijuana Business Journal reports that  “women now hold 27 percent of executive-level roles in the marijuana industry, down from 36 percent” in 2015. The good news is that they are still leading more companies than their […]

Dylan Nunn Photo credit: David Rico In 2016, when Dylan Nunn was a 22 years old hotel and restaurant management student at the University of Delaware, he was arrested for distributing Colorado edibles—along with making his own creations—and selling them via his “start-up,” The Bakery. It was five days before graduation when police raided his […]

Don’t let the cooking time scare you—these ribs are worth the wait. Plus, your refrigerator and grill will be doing most of the work, anyway. Cooking the ribs low and slow brings out the sweet and spicy flavors of the balsamic, garlic, and rosemary rub. Most importantly, finish with a sweet BBQ sauce that puts […]

The legal weed industry appears to be budding across North America. Last year, according to cannabis research firm ArcView, in partnership with BDS Analytics, legal weed sales in North America soared by 33% to $9.7 billion. In a decade, forecasts call for more than $47 billion in legal pot sales. This rapid growth, along with […]

Chances are, if you wander into a recreational cannabis dispensary in California, the majority of the products you’ll see on the shelves from flower to edibles to wax contain THC, the chemical compound found in cannabis plants that creates the “high” that users experience. But for some people who might otherwise use cannabis for medicinal […]

High Times is making history again this summer. This time, it’s with the 2018 NorCal Cannabis Cup, which will be the second-ever event in the nation where attendees can buy, sell, and consume cannabis. The City of Santa Rosa and the California Bureau of Cannabis Control have granted the High Times NorCal Cup a recreational […]

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy said that it has delayed the announcement of medical marijuana dispensary licenses for the state. The board had expected to make the information available on Wednesday and name as many as 56 licensees in 28 geographic areas. Hopeful applicants had filed 356 applications to open cannabis dispensaries. State regulators now expect […]

On July 1, Vermont’s new marijuana law will go into effect. Residents of the state will be able to grow plants and possess some of their harvest. But not all users enjoy smoking pot; for them, there is cooking with cannabis. In this podcast, Seven Days food writer, Sally Pollak, tells us about this culinary […]

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Rosin presses have rapidly gained in popularity since their debut around three years ago. In that time, the press itself has evolved and the heat, pressure and time components that it takes to make this solventless goodness have been tweaked to perfection. Sort of. Even with all the new technology in place, not all THC […]