Making Cannabis Edibles

The Ohio Ballot Board unanimously approved the format of a medical marijuana and hemp constitutional amendment today, clearing the way for backers to gather signatures to put the issue on the Nov. 8 ballot. Supporters of the Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Amendment must now gather 305,591 valid signatures of registered votes from at least […]


Leafly turned March Madness into an excuse to determine the best cannabis-infused brownie of all time. Eight recipes were pitted against each other in our Pot Brownie Bracketology project, and ultimately a winner was crowned (seriously, you must make these brownies). In our competition, each brownie recipe called for varying amounts of cannabutter, cannaoil, or […]


“Oregonians with a hunger for edibles will only have to wait another month or two to legally eat them,” said André Ourso, manager of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 1511 into law last week, allowing residents over the age of 21  to consume cannabis recreationally, with some caveats. One section of […]

AP At the start of this year, Oregon lawmakers have been steadily working towards the goal of eventually having separate recreational and medical marijuana markets. The Oregon Health Administration will run the medical marijuana market and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission would govern the recreational market – in the meantime, adults 21 and older are […]