Cooking with Cannabis

We’ve all been there. You’ve bought your rolling paper and your favorite strain of marijuana, but you’ve lost your grinder and can’t find anything that’ll cut your cannabis without making a mess of everything. You start to pick apart the bud with your fingers and it’s messy, your hands are sticky, green and smelly, and […]

Non-alcoholic cannabis cocktails are making their way into the culinary mainstream Story by Christina Campodonico Photos by Ted Soqui Can a mocktail give you a buzz? Chef Matthew Stockard knows it can — with a little THC and some thoughtful preparation. Executive chef with the catering startup Ganja Eats, Stockard advocates for an alternative way […]

Photos courtesy of Leather Storrs In the past few years, Portland-based chef and The Culinary Institute of America alum Leather Storrs has been cooking with cannabis, serving multi-course infused dinners showcasing a variety of culinary techniques. Tincture cured fish, shake-roasted vegetables, potted pork rillettes with sous vide potatoes and mushrooms — these are just a […]

Camping is a unique sensory experience, incorporating the smells and sounds of the campfire, the rustle of breeze in the trees, and the sight of new and wild terrain around every turn. There’s only one way to make it all better—by heightening your senses with your favorite cannabinoids. Sure, you can bring a malleable silicone […]

Sporting a black hat and a long, black beard in a Sherman Oaks backyard, Alex Klein raised the Havdalah spices to his nose to consecrate the passage from Shabbat into a new week. Taking a whiff, he let out a whoop: The small silver container held a pungent helping of cannabis. Klein led the blessings […]

Your Keurig cup, kicked up a notch. (Left: Courtesy of Brewbudz; Right: Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Want your morning coffee to come with a little extra buzz? Brewbudz just might do the trick. A company called Cannabiniers on Wednesday launched the Brewbudz, which is “the world’s first cannabis infused coffee, tea and cocoa pods.” The pods are compatible with all Keurig and […]