Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis is a really great way to get THC into your system while avoiding traditional smoking methods. Not only that, but it gives you access to a creative side. However, whether you want to get high or experience physical and emotional relief, these 4 things are important to avoid when cooking with cannabis. […]

This is the dream holiday for the person who loves to explore the diverse dimensions of cannabis and how it can create the ultimate multi-sensory experience, in nature, in community, and completely bliss-out. Ojai California (PRWEB) June 14, 2017 … read more at:

As you painstakingly turn your grinder against the resistance of sticky resin, you may have at one point thought to yourself, “why doesn’t my dispensary sell cannabis that’s already ground?” If you pack a lot of joints or vaporize your flower, it would certainly be convenient. After all, most grocery stores offer both whole bean and […]

Cannabutter is one of the oldest infusion techniques known to stoners worldwide. From the infamous “weed brownie” to today’s fine confectionary treats, cannabutter acts as the primary ingredient in most edible recipes. Unfortunately, most cannabutters taste like ass. Whether your buddy didn’t know the difference from schwag and quality flower, or someone realized too late […]

Private Chef Andrea Drummer meticulously crafts her ravioli by hand. She drizzles hollandaise sauce over crabcake Benedict. She makes a brûléed bread pudding with caramel sauce, chantilly cream and seasonal berries. Her secret ingredient — cannabis. “When I smell cannabis, I smell the possibilities of it,” Drummer said. Take a Look at What These LA Chefs […]