Cannabis Recipes

More than a season, summer in Sacramento seems downright timeless. There’s just something about those warm evenings when the Delta breeze carries a familiar scent that leaves you guessing whether it came from a block away or out of some childhood memory. It’s magic without the illusion, though, because summer always keeps its promises of […]

The cannabis industry is full of healers, individuals who set out to solve significant medical problems and found marijuana to be the natural solution. One cannabis entrepreneur based in Toronto aptly named Charlene Freedom, is a pioneer in the oil and cream sector, and she plans on expanding her business as the marijuana community grows over […]

Our local massage therapist recently switched to using coconut oil for her massages instead of that regular ol’ greasy oil they normally use. She says it’s not as messy, it lasts longer and just likes working with it better. We got to talking about the benefits of coconut and I said to her, “you know, […]

BlueKudu, a cannabis chocolatier, plans to grow its own marijuana for use in chocolates. Photo courtesy of BlueKudu. As if Willy Wonka wasn’t already trippy. Local cannabis chocolatier BlueKudu is pouring $1.5 million into a 20,000-square-foot production facility that will include a big new kitchen and a greenhouse for growing marijuana in house. BlueKudu founder […]

A new cannabis-themed website,, has launched a fun digital series called Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean. In this new series, Mary Jean Dunsdon, Canada’s favorite pin-up model and cannabis expert, creates delicious recipes using cannabis. As a stand-up comedian and well-known cannabis activist, Dunsdon uses her cannabis knowledge with a little bit of humor […]

Credit: Wana Brand To comply, or not to comply? That is the question every cannabis-infused food manufacturer is asking themselves. The cannabis industry is in a limbo as prohibition remains the law of the land, but that hasn’t stopped some business owners to take it upon themselves to comply with federal regulations. Companies like Colorado […]

5. Hemp food products come in the form of seeds, protein powders and milk. They come from the Cannabis sativa plant (17). Yes, it’s the same plant that marijuana is from, but not the THC part of the plant. So no worries about getting high on these products! My favorite hemp product is Living Harvest […]

The health benefits of both cannabis and coconut oil are remarkable. Coconut oil has a very high saturated fat content for a plant-derived oil, making it an ideal candidate for cannabis infusion that can create incredibly versatile product with all the benefits of both. Cannabis coconut oil can be applied in so many different ways […]