Cannabis Cookbooks

TEMPE, AZ — (Marketwired) — 08/12/16 — American Green, Inc. (OTC PINK: ERBB) announced today that Mr. Jonathan Miller’s position as American Green’s CEO has been terminated. The company will be guided by its executive chairman, Mr. David Gwyther, who has been, over the years, very familiar with the organization’s various initiatives. “A change was […]


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LOS ANGELES: Christopher Sayegh holds up two syringes filled with cannabis compound, primed to pump tiny amounts into a pomegranate sorbet, or a juicy cut of Wagyu Japanese beef as part of a bold new sensory experiment. As more US states move to legalize the use of recreational marijuana, the California chef is aiming to […]

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and if this season’s marijuana-related books are any indication, the topic of weed—once alternative, now increasingly mainstream—is burning up. Forthcoming titles include user’s guides, cocktail recipe books, takes on the global legalization debate, and more, all of which aim to help readers enjoy, or at least contemplate, our new, greener […]

Image Courtesy of Dr. Heather Stein My two least favourite things about camping are the morning hangovers and washing dishes while hunched over a basin. This breakfast cookie recipe, adapted from Magnus Nilsson’s recipe for Skåne Pepparkaka in The Nordic Cookbook, is a simple cure for both. Served with a mature, salty cheese and strong […]

(Photo: Nicole Disser) I might paint myself as sort of a lame if I say this, but I was slightly, completely terrified of what was going to transpire at the most recent iteration of an event that fell into my pipe (you could say) through the social media supply chain. You see, word on the street […]

Keith Stroup (Right), founder of NORML, was a keynote speaker at the CWCBE conference. He stands beside (center) Jenn Pedini, NORML Business Manager and (Left) Danielle Keane, NORML Policy Director at the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo and Conference in New York City, on June 17, 2016. … read more at:

Say carne guisada-aaahhhh!! This yummy cannabis-infused pork recipe is adapted from Illyanna Maisonet’s carne guisada from Eat Gorda Eat. Illyanna recently published Gorda Eats: A Puerto Rican Cookbook and hosts pop-ups in the Bay Area. Be sure to check her out if you enjoy this recipe. For patients who medicate with medical cannabis through food, […]

What’s the secret to a positive edibles experience? If you ask JeffThe420Chef he says it’s all in the dosing.  Gone are the days of overdosing on cannabis edibles thanks to the first ever THC/CBD Calculator.   MERRY JANE chats with Jeff, who has teamed up with MedSpoon and CW Analytical to create a calculator with a simple interface, allowing aspiring […]

Hemp is slowly creeping its way back into the state, and it’s no longer just found in skillfully hidden, illegal gardens. With its high protein content and essential fatty acids, this super food is also making its way onto the plates and into the stomachs of Kentuckians. Thanks to local groups such as Kentucky Hempsters and Kentucky Hemp Works, this plant, […]

Cannabis is one of humanity’s oldest crops and historians can trace the use of cannabis back 12,000 years. Today’s legalization of cannabis in many states have brought the pot industry into the forefront, but few considered it high-tech. Most people think of smoking pot as an electronic-free activity, where all smokers need is a lighter […]