Cannabis Cookbooks

BUY LOCAL COOKOUT: At 12th annual Governor’s Buy Local Cookout, Maryland First Lady Yumi Hogan serves dipping sauce with her Korean pancakes to baseball great Cal Ripken and Judge Laura Ripken, some of hundreds of guests on the lawn of Government House. Here is the menu of local food and drink, and a link to […]

What’s not to love about a Greek gyro, a sandwich of seasoned, marinated lamb, tomato, lettuce, and cucumber-yogurt tzatziki sauce stuffed inside a soft pita? The traditional method for cooking the meat employs an electric vertical rotisserie on which layers of sliced and marinated leg of lamb are stacked. After cooking for hours, the meat […]

If you are like me, you’d read the cookbook title “Cook’s Vegetables Illustrated” and think “OK, so this is all about vegetarian food.” Spoiler alert – this volume from America’s Test Kitchen is definitely not a cookbook for vegetarians or vegans. This massive tome puts vegetables front-and-center. It’s just that some of the “vegetable” recipes […]

Many of us love preparing a homemade treat, even on a weeknight, but aren’t crazy about baking projects (the kinds that call for running to two grocery stores for hard-to-source ingredients and tackling several components over several hours – if not days). Nor are we fond of doing dishes. I don’t think I’m the only […]

Five years ago, a study of death certificate data attracted notice for suggesting that states that passed medical marijuana laws saw 25% fewer opioid overdose deaths on average than states that barred medical cannabis. The authors were careful to point out that this finding was only a correlation, an intriguing hint at something that needed […]

AUGUSTA — The state’s biggest marijuana company, Wellness Connection, is threatening to sue Maine if it doesn’t change proposed residency requirements that would shut it out of the state’s emerging recreational marijuana market. “We’re very concerned that the residency requirement in current form would provide a serious obstacle to Wellness’ entry into the adult-use market,” […]

A good salmon cake delivers rich flavor and tender texture; the best veers away from flavor-muting binders at all costs. We used a food processor to chop salmon into a mix of both fine and larger pieces for a varied and not overly dense texture. A single slice of bread provided just enough binding, and […]

To turn a midweek dinner into something special, try cooking easy pork tenderloin on the grill. To produce beautifully browned pork with a rich crust and tender, juicy meat, we started with a simple dry spice rub to add flavor; sugar aided browning while cumin and chipotle chile powder added savory smokiness. The rub had […]