People sitting inside a Coffee shop, smoking joints. (Yadid Levy/Anzenberger/Redux) Should you find yourself in Amsterdam, cycling along the city’s complex latticework of bike paths, be wary along the canals. It is not uncommon for reckless cyclists to accidentally veer into the water. By the city’s estimates, between 12,000 and 15,000 bicycles are dredged out […]

  Fast Into the Night By Debbie Clarke Moderow; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; 320 pages; to be published Feb. 2; $25 The blurb: At age 47, a mother of two, Debbie Moderow was not your average Iditarod musher, but that’s what she decided to do. But less than 200 miles from the finish line of the 2003 race from […]

Robyn Griggs Lawrence has a steak recipe so good it’ll make you feel high. Literally. Seared Wagyu New York Strip with Cannabis Rub is just one of more than a hundred gourmet-inclined recipes Lawrence compiled for her Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, now entering a second printing. Now she’s taking her expertise right into readers’ homes with an […]

The cannabis plant is an outstanding health supplement, and there are so many different ways to reap the benefits of the leaves, seeds, and flowers. New applications are constantly being discovered, one of which is juicing the raw leaves of the plant to drink. The “Real” Green Juice Juicing has been a popular trend for […]

Most marijuana edible recipes involve tons of butter, eggs and other dairy ingredients vegans wouldn’t touch with a 9-foot pole. But alas, it’s possible to get high off delectable vegan treats. Here are four bomb vegan recipes that also happen to include your favorite plant: Read more: Marijuana Legalization Pennsylvania 2016: Will State Legalize Medical Cannabis? Chocolate […]

“Oregonians with a hunger for edibles will only have to wait another month or two to legally eat them,” said André Ourso, manager of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. Governor Kate Brown signed Senate Bill 1511 into law last week, allowing residents over the age of 21  to consume cannabis recreationally, with some caveats. One section of […]

AP At the start of this year, Oregon lawmakers have been steadily working towards the goal of eventually having separate recreational and medical marijuana markets. The Oregon Health Administration will run the medical marijuana market and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission would govern the recreational market – in the meantime, adults 21 and older are […]

Canada’s infatuation with getting a legal high may soon lead straight to Mary Jean Dunsdon’s Vancouver kitchen. The self-described diva of cooking with cannabis has been baking and selling intoxicating edibles for the better part of 20 years. “I’ve easily sold 700,000 to one million cookies,” she told CBC News recently in her kitchen. To her customers, Dunsdon, best known […]

Photo: Bashutskyy / Shutterstock Cannabis butter has been dethroned as the king cooking companion; now, cannabis oils reign supreme. This shift has occurred for several reasons. First, butter is very simplistic, both in flavor and versatility. Second, its use has mainly been limited to baking rather than cooking. And third, it’s far from healthy. As cannabis […]