Sonoma County exhibit showcases evolution of cannabis

Nowadays you can eat it, burn it, or smoke it as easily as you can vote or drink a beer in 11 states, and readily gain access to it for medical reasons in many more.

In the not-to-distant-past, however, cannabis was outlawed and kept in the shadows — a taboo that became a defining element of cataclysmic cultural shifts that began in the 1960s.

A new exhibit at the Museum of Sonoma County aims to provide perspective on the evolution of cannabis and the multibillion-dollar industry that was born when medicinal use was legalized a few decades ago. The exhibit, open since mid-June, is titled “Grass Roots: Cannabis from Prohibition to Prescription.”

Co-curator Eric Stanley said it was important to debut the exhibit in Sonoma County because of the unique role Sonoma has played in this history. In particular, Stanley cited the region’s legacy of

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