Regulation Crowdfunding Helped Companies Raise $232.5 Million In The US

Companies in the United States were able to raise $232.5 million via Regulation Crowdfunding. This is according to a new report that was recently released by StartEngine. Regulation Crowdfunding became a way for companies to offer and sell securities and gather funds for their projects.

Understanding Regulation Crowdfunding

In August 2019, 58 companies were able to raise $10.4 million. The states with the largest amount of funds gathered were California, New York and Texas. They represented 16.8%, 14.4% and 12.3% of the funds that companies raised respectively. California raised the most capital with $2 million, followed by New York with $1.7 million and Texas with $1.4 million.

Other states in the list include Connecticut with 9.3% of the funds gathered in August, Georgia with 8.1%, Florida 7.1%,

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