Quebeckers More Comfortable With Cannabis According to New Poll

In this year’s CUPE-sponsored CROP poll, Quebec attitudes toward cannabis have nearly reversed.

In 2017, as 58% of those living in the rest of Canada backed legalization, only 40% of Quebeckers followed suit, and 54% opposed the move.

Today, 55% say they support legal cannabis while 45% do not.

Though 34% of Quebeckers believe legalization has had mainly a negative impact, 39% believe legalization hasn’t changed much, while 28% believe it’s made things better.

Elsewhere in the poll, 72% said legalization has done little or nothing to disturb public order in the province.

Since legalization, 25% of Quebeckers have changed their opinions about cannabis—8% have begun to feel more negatively toward it, while another 17% have become more positive.

Puzzlingly, though 65% of those polled supported making 21 the minimum age for cannabis, an even greater 68% said they believed such a change would have no impact

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