Keef Cola Welcomes Everyone to the Party

Erik Knutson Discusses His Line of Cannabis-Infused Soda Pops

Keefer Cola
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Cannabis isn’t just buds and brownies anymore. Amid the mints, gummies, chocolates, rubs, and other THC-dosed incarnations, beverages are a newly established category, from dealcoholized beers and wines to energy drinks and soda pop. The latter is where Keef Cola is taking the lead, offering both classic flavors such as cola and root beer as well as jazzier tastes such as Blue Razz, Orange Kush, and Purple Passion. 

Compared to edibles, these sodas deliver their effects a little faster and shorter, making them a bit more sessionable. That’s what Keef Brands cofounder Erik Knutson told us in the following

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