Ingredient Round Up: September 2019

TrueDark is true non-alkalized

DeZaan TrueDark (N11D) claims to be the first natural (non-alkalised) cocoa powder, so it can replace the alkalised or “dutched” cocoa powders that are usually utilised in ice creams, bakery and biscuits. TrueDark offers the same dark colour and intense cocoa flavour impact in these recipes. The ingredient can simply be listed as “cocoa” on the product label instead of “cocoa processed with alkali” or “cocoa processed with acidity regulator,” which allows consumers to make better informed purchasing decisions. Olam Cocoa;

Canola-based plant protein

A new plant-based protein is based on non-genetically modified canola. It has functional properties, a high nutritional value and a balanced taste profile, making it suitable for a range of applications including meat and dairy alternatives, beverages, baked products, bars and ready-to-mix. It’s the result of a collaboration between the supplier and Avril, an international French agro-industrial

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