TRUMP targets LA homelessness as SENATE passes rent bill — NEWSOM official KENT out after VAX post — LARA ‘relationship building’ with insurance execs? — ELIZABETH WARREN backs split-roll measure

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THE BUZZ: From Sacramento to D.C. to LA, California’s intertwined crises of housing and homelessness were generating headlines yesterday.

As the Legislature was debating a renters’ bill that stands as the year’s paramount remaining housing measure, a WaPo report dropped that the Trump administration was seeking aggressive action on homelessness here; Rudy Giuliani told the NYTimes discussions have been going on for months. This came a day after an aide to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti revealed that a large Trump team was in town to talk that very issue. Here’s how that Skid Row visit went, per the LATimes.

Mayors on the frontline of the epidemic were reeling, trying to separate presidential bluster from potential action. Here’s POLITICO’s Jeremy B. White and Carla Marinucci’s report on the latest standoff between California and Washington.

Trump and Gov.

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