How To Bake With CBD | HuffPost Life

Whether you use a store-bought CBD tincture or make your own extract, know that it will take on a strong, earthy flavor. Andrew LeStourgeon, owner of Monarch and the Milkweed in Burlington, Vermont, has been baking with CBD for nearly a decade. When it comes to the weedy flavor of CBD oils, he suggests embracing the taste and pairing it wisely. “Weedy taste and perfume and aroma [go] well with chocolates, all kinds of chocolate: white, milk, and dark,” he told HuffPost. “It can also be masked with pepperminty, menthol aided flavors, like pine, or peppermint and spearmint, menthol. Anything that has menthol teeth to it will mask the flavor.” If the earthy flavor isn’t for you, using an isolate is the way to go, as it is flavorless.

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