Baking with a $1,500-per-lb ingredient | 2019-09-10

Quality control is important for any baking operation but takes on heightened urgency when using an ingredient that costs more than $1,000 a lb.

The expense of one principal ingredient was among several challenges shared by executives of Sweet Grass Kitchen, a Denver-based baker of cannabis-infused sweet goods. In a presentation Sept. 7 about baking and infusing cannabis into food, Jesse Burns, sales and marketing director, and Lauren Finesilver, executive chef and director of production, spoke as part of IBIEducate.  The company specializes in T.H.C. rather than C.B.D. products.

Cannabis accounts for 85% to 90% of input costs at Sweet Grass.

“It can be very expensive to mess up a batch,” Ms. Finesilver said.

In Colorado, cannabis is legal in all forms (by contrast, in Canada it is legal nationally, but edibles are not).

“It allowed Colorado to be an experiment for business in all categories,” Mr. Burns said, noting flower (for smoking), concentrates, edibles,

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