Organigram Holdings Inc (TSE:OGI) Future Growth into Edible and Derivative Cannabis Market


James West: I’m joined by Greg Engel, now, CEO of Organigram Holdings. Greg, welcome back.

Greg Engel: Thanks for having me again today, James.

James West: Greg, it’s a market characterized by what we can only term as contraction, I suppose, is the most polite way to describe the cannabis sector now. All stocks are on sale; the sector is down by over 50 percent. How does Organigram view this in terms of its future strategy and plans?

Greg Engel: Yeah, I think, you know, what we’re seeing is that the investor base is shifting, right? And we’ve been predicting this for a while, certainly, that investors are focused more on fundamentals, right? So, for ourselves, you know, we’ve had four quarters now consecutively with positive adjusted EBITDA, and we’re certainly seeing a shift to large institutional funds that are looking at more fundamentals that you would typically look at in, kind of,

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