How to Create a Laid-Back, CBD-Infused Dinner Party

It’s 5 p.m. and the late-August sun is beaming-hot while Claudia Mata Gladish, the founder of the CBD wellness brand Vertly, preps for a casual, end-of-summer meal in the backyard of her Craftsman-style home in Marin County, Calif. Before her guests arrive, she snips herbs from a verdant garden and creates table arrangements with her children, Diego and Mila.

Three years ago, to be closer to family, Claudia and her husband Zander Gladish moved from New York to Northern California, and reoriented their cooking and exercise routines, deepening their commitment to healthy living. In their wraparound backyard there are orange, lemon and apple trees, fragrant gardenias — and several poolside cannabis plants. “Cannabis has been legalized, decriminalized and normalized,” Zander says. “In Northern California, it’s not taboo to have a cannabis plant,” Claudia continues. “I think if people start

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