Benchmark Hospitality Forecasts 2020 Food Trends

Menus stressing veggies over meat, dragon fruit in your cocktail, and spikes of CBD oil everywhere. Big hospitality management company Benchmark includes these forecasts in its “Top Dining Trends for 2020,” released yesterday. The trends were observed by Benchmark’s executive chefs and culinary experts at the company’s 80 luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants.

1. CBD-infused food and beverages will grow.
Cannabidiol—or CBD—is a naturally occurring, non-psychoactive compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis. Fans say that CBD oil can reduce pain, stress and anxiety. CBD-infused drinks are gaining momentum in the form of sparkling waters, coffees, teas, energy drinks, beer, wine and mixed alcohol beverages. The same goes for foods spiked with CDB oil.

2. Plant-based menus will bloom.
Many people are making a conscious decision to make a dietary switch into the “plant-based ecosystem,” Benchmark says, and plant-based food alternatives are being developed to replace meat

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