Why Marijuana Should Be Legal (Opinion)

Back in the day, people were stricter regarding smoking weed. Many used to equate it with shooting heroin, so if you got caught with marijuana you’d be labelled a hardcore addict.

Nowadays, things are much different. Smoking weed isn’t taboo anymore. We have many celebrities such as Rihanna and Woody Harrelson being openly proud of their smoking habits.

There are still parts of the world, though, where being caught with a spliff can land you in jail or even sentenced to death if you get caught with larger amounts.

Whether you’re pro- or anti-cannabis, take some time to consider the following reasons why we think marijuana should be legal.

It can help lower crime rates

Though there’ll always be concerned voices that warn against the dangers of legalizing marijuana in connection to rising crime, some studies show that the legalization of marijuana in the US is actually https://greencamp.com/why-marijuana-should-be-legal/


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