Shorts Brewery has teamed up with Green Peak to create first Michigan THC-infused craft beer

– It was only a matter of time before it happened. 

Drinkers and tokers can rejoice, a local cannabis-infused beer has finally arrived. And it’s as Michigan as it gets.

“Our deal with shorts is we’re making a whole host of Michigan infused products that mimic the taste of popular craft brews,” said Joe Neller, Co-founder of Green Peak Innovations.

On Aug. 15, Michigan-based Green Peak announced it had combined with also Michigan-based Shorts Brewing Company to create marijuana-infused beer. 

“We developed products with Shorts for people who want the flavor of shorts beer, one that offers some level of intoxication but don’t want the alcohol,” Neller said. 

Any beverage brewed won’t have alcohol in the drink. It will only taste like some of the brewery’s most popular drinks. But the duo hasn’t limited itself to mere beverages. Neller said they are also planning on creating Soft Parade-flavored gummies, Huma Lupa Licious tasting

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