9 fun coffee table books to get right now

Oversize, often lushly illustrated, coffee-table books aren’t simply an artifact of tradition or a convenient way to cover a nasty scratch or stain. They’re also a fantastic way to express your home’s personality and entertain guests.

There was a time when coffee-table books had a reputation for being a bit stuffy, but today there’s no shortage of inventive, highly amusing options to spice up your tablescape. Here are nine titles to consider that are visually stunning, funny and innovative to add to your living room literature:

“Karl the Fog: San Francisco’s Most Mysterious Resident” Photo: Chronicle Books

Karl the Fog: San Francisco’s Most Mysterious Resident

By Karl the Fog

The Golden Gate Bridge may be San Francisco’s most famous attraction, but Karl the Fog is the weather phenomenon determined to ensure that no one ever sees it. In Karl’s debut

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