Westmoreland-based Zimbali Retreats partners with Canadian Yardie Farma to grow medical ganja

CANAAN MOUNTAIN, Westmoreland — Zimbali Retreats, a rustic tourism resort enterprise in the hills here, has forged a partnership with Canadian investors Yardie Farma, in a move to marry their business into the burgeoning medical marijuana sector.

The western Jamaica-based company, operated by entrepreneurs Mark and Alecia Swainbank, and the Barry and Prity Driedger-owned Yardie Farma, are now busy preparing a section of the 14-acre property on which Zimbali Retreats sits in Canaan Mountain to cultivate the medical cannabis plants.

The preparation is aimed at meeting the approval of the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), which recently issued them with a conditional licence.

According to Mark, preparation is now more than 60 per cent complete.

More than 90 per cent of the food on the menu of the five-star Zimbali Retreats’ restaurant is cultivated on the lush parcel of land, which boasts a river.

The property is located in the woodlands just outside of the resort

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