Common Citizen CEO: It’s Important To Create A Cannabis Brand That Connects To Emotion

One of the largest looming questions of the state of Michigan’s emerging cannabis market is the manufacturing standards that will go into creating and selling cannabis products. The market seems to be saturated already, so the processes and procedures that go into creating consumable products will likely serve as a differentiator between brands.

On Thursday, Michael Elias, the CEO of Common Citizen, and Allan Lengel, the co-founder of Deadline Detroit, met on stage at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference to talk about the importance and set up of new standards in a growing marketplace.

Common Citizen As A Lifestyle Brand

Elias explained that his background in health care and the medical space was an important precursor to his migration into cannabis. Common Citizen is a distributor in both the medical and recreational industries.

In a saturated cannabis market, Elias explained that it’s important to create a brand that connects to emotion.

“The idea is

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