Why Mike Tyson Is Talking about Cannabis

When famous heavyweight champion Mike Tyson talks about his love for marijuana, we want to know more. CNN reported that on Monday’s episode of his podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, he shared his love for marijuana. He and his co-host, former NFL player turned marijuana advocate Eben Britton, said they smoke 10 tons of weed, worth about $40,000, at the ranch per month.

Why Mike Tyson Is Talking about Cannabis

Mike Tyson launched his own cannabis company

Tyson Ranch is a cannabis company owned by the heavyweight champion. He launched the ranch after California legalized recreational marijuana in 2018. The ranch sells nine strains of cannabis flower, potent extracts and, soon, edibles. CNN said the ranch plans to host a luxury resort, which would include an edible factory, amphitheater, and “glamping” campgrounds.

After California legalized

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